InboxHarmony helps you get your inbox under control.

Gain control

Be less stressed, more focused and more productive all the while spending less time answering your inbox.


InboxHarmony also makes it easy for you to share the job of replying to emails across your whole team. InboxHarmony makes it easy to co-ordinate who is replying to which email. And InboxHarmony even lets your team members collaborate on writing the response.


Triage your email

You use InboxHarmony in your web browser to 'triage' an email when it first arrives. You get to set how urgent a response is, how much work is required responding, when you need to respond, and add notes that will help in a response.

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InboxHarmony has a free and paid versions. It is easy to signup and you start getting your inbox under control in 10 minutes.

About InboxHarmony

  • The hybrid ticket system/email client

    InboxHarmony monitors your email inbox and automatically imports all the emails you receive. If your favorite email client mated with an awesome support ticket system their offspring would look a lot like InboxHarmony.

  • Works with any IMAP server

    InboxHarmony works in parallel with your current IMAP email server. It takes a copy of all emails you receive and send.

  • Triage your work queue

    Ever felt overwhelmed by the content of your inbox? Not sure which to work on first? Bogged down spending a lot of time replying to a non-urgent email, when a quick and easy reply is urgently needed elsewhere? InboxHarmony lets your staff set priorities, due dates, estimate how much work is required for the email, or add a note summarizing what is required.

  • One reply per email

    InboxHarmony lets a member of your support or sales team exclusively grab and reply to an email. Your other team members can easily see who is working on what. And you can avoid multiple people replying to the same email.

  • No software to install

    InboxHarmony is a software as a service (SaaS) application. You do not have any applications and databases to maintain and backup (we do that). And you automatically get software updates.

  • Who is InboxHarmony for?
    • Web-based business.
    • Receive support or sales requests via email.
    • Have 2-20 staff responding to those emails.
    • Have access to modern browsers (including FireFox 3+, Google Chrome, IE7+).


  • Less Work

    Have your whole team share the task of replying to customers.

  • Frees up space in your brain

    You do not need to fill your head with due dates, and priorities and notes to include in your replies. InboxHarmony will take care of that for you. So you can keep all that 'stuff' out-of-mind.

  • More customers

    You win more new customers and lose fewer disgruntled customers when you provide better, more timely service.

  • Be more creative and focused

    When you do not need to constantly juggle priorities you can focus on one reply at a time. And when you stop multi-tasking you get to be more focused and creative.

  • Less Stress

    It is obvious which email to next reply to. Your chaotic, unmanaged inbox rapidly becomes a well ordered queue (and much shorter at that).

  • Saves Time

    You do not need to mentally juggle your response order priorities, constantly re-scanning and re-reading the inbox to see what you need to work on next.

  • Better Replies

    Your team gets to collaborate on email responses. And your team can ensure the most appropriate person replies to each email.

  • Faster turnaround

    When you share the job of replying to emails you are able to reply to emails more quickly, and even work around the clock if you have the staff available.

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